Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prezi on Butterflies and Insects

I created my first Prezi! First, I went to Then I watched a step by step tutorial. The process was fairly easy. Creating the Prezi took me about an hour or so. Most of the time was spent deciding and finding the information I wanted to use.

In my opinion, Prezi is good for a quick presentation with not a lot of text. The movement on the screen may make your eyes hurt if you go to fast. Overall, I would use Prezi in my class and recommend it to other teachers.

Here is a link to my Prezi. I plan on using it in the spring as a review with my second grade students. I still need to add some more details, design features, and information.

Uses for teachers and students:
  • Middle and High School students can use this as a presentation tool
  • Teachers can use Prezi in any subject area for mini lessons and reviews
  • Create Presentations and share with others
Feel free to add a comment on how you have used Prezi.

Friday, December 3, 2010


A few of my classmates have used Prezi to display information during their presentations. I had never seen or heard of Prezi before. I think Prezi is a new an interesting way to present information to students. My goal is to learn how to use Prezi and create a project that I can use with my students. Here is some more information on Prezi and a step by step guide to creating a Prezi. I'll be posting the Prezi that I create soon.


Maryland State Education Association
Educator 2.0 Article

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging with students

Last year I created a class blog through edublogs for my students to use in our school computer lab. Creating one blog for my class seemed easier for them to use since they are younger. My students had just finished creating book review podcast in their technology class. So I decided to have each student write a review of a different book from our class library on our class blog. I wanted the students to share their favorite book they've read in hopes of encouraging other students in the class to read it.

Here is my second grade class blog

The students really enjoyed participating and reading each others responses. It was a great way for them to learn about new books in our classroom library. With second graders it does take some time to introduce and explain the process of adding a comment. I was able to use the LCD projector to walk the students step by step. Second graders also need time and some help with typing. I personally think it may be difficult to have Kindergartners or First graders blogging without additional teacher support.

Benefits to Blogging:
  • motivating to students, especially those who otherwise might not become participants in classrooms

  • excellent opportunities for students to read and write.

  • effective forums for collaboration and discussion.

Blogging Do's:
  • Get parental permission.
  • Know your school and district acceptable use policies (AUPs) and convey them to your students.
  • Avoid blogging sites that require students to publish their complete names and/or e-mail accounts.
  • Avoid sites that ask students for any personal information.
  • Make students aware of what subject matter is appropriate and permissible.
  • Teach students the importance of tone and respect for others' opinions.
  • Have clear expectations, rules, and consequences.
33 Ways to Use a Blog in Your Classroom
How to Use Blogs in the Classroom
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Please feel free to add any other additional uses for blogging in education.


A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites, usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order. It also provides people the opportunity to leave comments. Creating a blog is easy and does not take a lot of time. provides step by step directions. Once you have set up a blog, it is fast and easy to update. Take some time to go through the settings. There are several options available to monitor post/comments.

Why Blog?
  • Post Resources
  • Share Lessons
  • Online Discussion
  • Get Feedback
  • Newsletters
  • Share Multimedia
In education, blogs can be used...
  • with your students
  • with other teachers in or outside of your school
  • with your students to communicate with other students outside of your school
Here is a short video explaining what a blog is.

Creating a blog:

This year I plan to continue to use with my students. My next post will include the blog I used with my second grade students last year and my experience using it.