Friday, December 3, 2010


A few of my classmates have used Prezi to display information during their presentations. I had never seen or heard of Prezi before. I think Prezi is a new an interesting way to present information to students. My goal is to learn how to use Prezi and create a project that I can use with my students. Here is some more information on Prezi and a step by step guide to creating a Prezi. I'll be posting the Prezi that I create soon.


  1. I let my students use Prezi as an option this year for one of the projects we did in Spanish 4. They found it a bit difficult to use and many did not choose that option because they did not find it user-friendly. I probably should not have let them pick it because I do not have much experience with them. Those that found it successful said that the online help video was great! Before I use it again as a project option, I am going to have to play with it some more!

  2. I like Prezi, but it does make me a little dizzy sometimes! I think it is great that students can create projects in class and access them at a later date without using a flashdrive or the server. I have a really hard time with students beginning something in class and then not finishing. We then have a problem with accessing their work at a later time and place. Anything web-based is a wonderful option. I think I will allow Prezi as an option the next time I ask students to make a presentation.